Home Visits (Pet Sitting)

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My pet sitting service is the perfect solution for you and your pet should they prefer to stay in the comfort of their own home whilst your away. Designed with your pets needs in mind, I the pet sitter can offer your pet daily interaction, walks (dog owners only) and company whilst staying in the own environment, in which they feel safe, secure and relaxed.

My home visits are charged at a very competative rate, and can include up to four visits pet day depending on your requirements, ensuring that regular contact is maintained whilst your away. These visit are designed to suit the needs of dogs, cats and small animals and can be tailored to suit your pets usual routine, feeding arrangements and preference. This service provides is a great alternative from a kennel, cattery, or to a doggy day care as pets can stay at home with their creature comforts! 

During the visits your pet will receive their breakfast and dinner, and lots of cuddles, attention and interaction, and dogs will be given a short walk if you require upon each visit, ensuring their routine is as usual for them as if you were at home. Additionally I will send you regular text/ email updates whilst your away to let you know your little one is getting on at home in your absence, will send you regular photos via text/ email/ Watsap so you can see your little one is happy and well, and I am available for you to call or text me at any time should you like an additional update.

If you are a cat owner, upon each cat sitting visit I will ensure that their feeding station is clean at all times, bowls are washed and ready for their next meal, feeding mat is wiped down and the area is swept to get rid of any over spilled food. Additionally I will ensure that the litter area is kept clean at all times, with the litter tray being scooped upon each visit and a full change provided when necessary, and the area swept to get rid of any litter that may have trodden out from their little paws.

If you are a dog owner, upon each dog sitting visit I will ensure that they are let out for the toilet in the garden before and after their dinners (if part of their daily routine), provide them with a short walk as required, ensure that their feeding station is kept clean and tidy at at all times, bowls are washed and ready for their next meal, muddy paws are wiped and any dirt or spilled food is swept leaving all areas clean and tidy. All short walks are included within the price, however should you like any additional walks these can be arranged for an additional reduced cost.

If you are a rabbit or small pet owner, upon each visit I will ensure that their living area is kept clean at all times, with daily removal of feaces and stale food (particularly old vegetable), and a full change of their bedding when necessary. The areas around their housing will also we swept upon each visit to get rid of any bedding or hay which may have fallen out of their home throughout the day. I am able to exercise them daily should you require, depending on the set - up of their environment, for example letting them in an out of their run, which we can discuss with you at the time of booking.  
All the food, treats, bedding, and fresh vegetables for the small bundles are required to be provided for by yourself the pet owner, and I do ask that you ensure that there is enough supplies to last for the duration of the booking. However with regard to any fresh vegetable for small animals I do understand this may be difficult to supply enough that will stay fresh for the duration of the time you are away, and therefore am happy to replenish this for you should you run out.

For prices please click HERE or click the 'Price List' tab at the bottom of the page!

My home visit service currently operates in the following areas within Hampshire:

Gosport, Lee on the Solent, Stubbington, Titchfield, Fareham, and surrounding areas.

Should you require home visits but live in an area of Hampshire not listed here, please contact me and I will endevour to assist you if I can.
I do not require payment upfront for my home visit service. Upon the time of booking I would arrange a suitable day and time prior to the visits commencing, to come and meet you and your pet, discuss their dietry requirements and collect the keys. This initial meet and greet is free of charge and the invoice amount is not payable until the booking is completed. I understand that you are trusting me to enter your home, and we feel this method ensures you have peace of mind whilst you away to enjoy your holiday, secure in the knowledge that you can return and make sure your happy with everything prior to payment taking place.

Tel: 07547 666892     Email: kelly@kellyspetcare.co.uk