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"Every Dog is an Individual".

My Dog Walking service offers you and your dog a bespoke personalised one-on-one service tailored to suit you and your dogs needs. I believe that your dogs walks should not only consist of adequate exercise and playtime, but also dedicated attention from myself, the dog walker. This is why I offer a bespoke and personalised dog walking service for you and your dog,  tailored to suit their needs and energy levels. My dog walks are charged at a very competative rate, providing a very personal service for your pooch. I am also able to offer a discounted rate for those who wish to book extra walks when booking my pet sitting service.

My one-on-one interaction with your pooch  in no way compromises the importance of socializing your dog with other dogs, and fun trips to the local parks, forests, playing fields and beaches ensure your dog will have plenty of interaction with their canine friends. I am able to let them off the lead (with the permission of you, the owner) in a secure area to play with their favorite balls and toys, socialise with other dogs and run about, however if you would prefer for your dog to be kept on their lead this will be accomodated. Both options allow for your dog to be sociable on their walk should they wish, whilst receiving undivided attention from myself.

Your dog will benefit greatly from the one on one interaction and attention he will receive, eliminating a common concern of 'will my dog get on with other dogs on the walk?'. If your dog is not friendly with other dogs, this is not a problem as I will ensure that they stay on the lead at all times and accomodate their needs by talking them to a quieter park where they can explore and have fun without being overwhelmed by their canine friends. From a safety viewpoint I feel I am able to offer your dog the security of ensuring his safelty at all times without the distraction from other dogs on the walk.

I can tailor your dogs walks to suit you and your dogs needs. Older dogs might need less exerting walks, younger dogs may be enthusiastic for lively games - I can tailor your dogs walks to match their level of energy and ability, returning them home happy and exilerated and exited for their next walk with me.

As an Animal Behaviourist with over 10 years experience with different breeds of dogs including larger breeds, I can also assist with basic training and socialisation techniques should you require.

Benefits of using my personalised Dog Walking Service:

  • A tailored walk will be provided to suit you and your dogs needs, ability and energy levels.
  • Personal one-on-one interaction, with your dog receiving my undivided attention at all times.
  • Assistance with the upkeep of any current dog training techniques you may be undertaking at any time.
  • Advise can be provided on any dog training and socialisation techniques should you wish.
  • The opportunity for your pooch to be socialable with their canine friends should they wish & on their terms.
  • The opportunity for your pooch to engage in his/ her favorite games of fetch, ball throwing, chase and running should they wish, and 'off lead' time is confirmed with the owner.
  • My undivided attention to your dog ensures that their safety is never comprimised.
  • 'On lead' only walks can be provided, and any issues such as dog agression and fear can be accomodated so your pooch feels safe, secure and relaxed at all times.
  • Your dog will receive an abundance of cuddles and attention on arrival through to drop-off, and when droppped home after their walk will be offered fresh water and a treat (should you be happy for me to provide this) ensuring they are settled at home before I leave.
  • Regular updates after their walk will be given to let you know how your pooch is doing, and informing you of any issues.

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This service is currently available in the following area's:

Gosport, Lee on the Solent, Fareham, Titchfield, Stubbington, and surrounding areas.

Should you require home visits but live in an area of Hampshire not listed here, please contact me and I will endevour to assist you if I can.

Tel: 07547 666892     Email: